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Retirement Planning Services in Kingston, Ontario

Everyone retires eventually.

No two people are the same, no two financial plans should be the same, and your financial advisor needs to recognize this. Your situation is unique, and your financial plan should reflect this. Your financial plan is, after all, about you — not the company that you are dealing with. It should also have the ability to evolve to reflect changes in your life as they occur, and your financial advisor should be available to you on a consistent and regular basis to keep it updated.

I do not use the “cookie-cutter” approach of a typical investment advisor who places people into one of a small selection of prefabricated plans developed by someone else who has never even met you. It is an ongoing process that is fully customized to you, takes time to develop to maturity, and needs to be updated on a regular basis. Your life does not always go according to plan and your financial plan needs to keep up with you — not the other way around.

My office is inside the Freedom 55 Financial regional office in Kingston, Ontario, on the third floor of the Empire Tower building at the corner of Gardiners Road and Fortune Crescent (just south of the Invista Centre multi-use sports arena owned by the City of Kingston).

As an experienced financial planner based in Kingston, Ontario, I would be happy to show you how a customized financial plan can make a significant difference to you and your family. Contact me today to arrange for a no-cost preliminary evaluation.

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Freedom 55 Financial is the financial planning division of the Canada Life Assurance Company, and was formerly part of the London Life Insurance Company.

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