Some of the companies that I work with:

Canada Life

One of the largest financial services companies in Canada. Canada Life is very strong in life insurance for certain demographics, and also has a very strong background in managed investment options.

Manulife Financial

Another of the “Big Three” financial services companies in Canada. They have a very strong offering with various types of investments and are well known for their personal health benefits, as well as group benefits. One of their biggest strengths is their full-service online banking services, including their popular no-fee bank accounts, business banking, USD accounts, and GICs,

Sun Life Financial

The third member of the “Big Three” financial services companies in Canada. They have a strong offering in guaranteed interest products and are a good choice for a “no frills” personal health insurance plan.

Empire Life

A well-established life insurance company originating in Kingston, Ontario. They offer a strong selection of life insurance for certain demographics, as well as some unique investing options.

iA Financial

A well-established financial services company, based in Quebec, offering a full range of investment and insurance options as well as some very strong “simple issue” life insurance options for certain demographics.


The new name created for the company created with the merger of La Capitale and SSQ Insurance. They offer a full range of services, and their strength is in “simpler” life insurance applications that can make the application process much faster for certain demographics.

Foresters Financial

Best known for their “Canada Protection Plan” simple-issue insurance policies. For some people who are difficult to insure with traditional life insurance companies, they can be a great option.