Financial Planning in Ontario

Fee-for-Service Financial Planning

Kingston Financial Inc. will work with you to build your ideal retirement plan.

If you are wondering if you have enough savings and future income to retire or reduce your work schedule and maintain a certain lifestyle, we can help. Our plans will let you know if you have (or will have) enough income and resources in retirement, as well as help minimize life’s financial twists and turns.

We will build a plan, let you know where you are at in achieving that plan, and work with you to find ways to bridge any gaps in that plan. Regular reviews, your active involvement, and communication will keep you on track as well as give us insights into any modifications that may be required along the way.

Some plans are more complex than others to build depending on required follow-up and the complexity of different sources of incomes and their potential tax implications. Our pricing is based on the hours required to properly build your plan and the time involved with collecting the relevant information and materials. Our initial 30-minute consultation, to explain our process and determine if we are the right fit for you, is free. During that consultation, we will provide you a list of the information our planner will need to start building your plan. Once we gather the information, we will schedule a formal meeting to begin our process and find out what is most important to you in building your plan. Once we agree to work together, a letter of engagement outlining each of our responsibilities and pricing will need to be signed, with a minimum 50% deposit required. The balance is due upon plan presentation and discussion.

Financial Planning Pricing: $150 per hour

A typical retirement plan takes 8 to 10 hours to complete. Depending on the complexity of your particular situation, this can take longer. A retirement plan will help you determine how to best use the variety of assets and income streams that you have available to you in retirement.

Plan reviews typically take a minimum of 1 hour at our standard rate, but more time may be required depending on the complexity of the plan or necessary changes and adjustments.

General financial planning advice is available at our standard hourly rate (minimum of 1 hour).

Examples would be: pension plan options, tax planning, short-term savings goals, mortgage advice, investment advice, financial protection, etc.

Note: Investment portfolio management and/or transfers of investments for management is not obligatory, but we do provide these services as well.

For a no-cost preliminary consultation, please contact us. Our Financial Planners specialize in Retirement Planning and Estate Planning, and offer financial planning services across Ontario. Our office is in Kingston, Ontario, and we are happy to speak with anyone on the phone, or meet in person with anyone in the surrounding area.

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