Manulife Bank – Advantage Account

Manulife Bank Advantage Account (HISA)

High Interest Savings Account (HISA)

Manulife Bank is currently offering an annual interest rate of 0.15% on their daily interest “no fee” bank account.

Manulife Bank has one of the best savings accounts in Canada and offers promotional interest rates once or twice per year. They routinely offer the highest interest rates in Canada available in a daily interest savings account. Your funds will not be locked for any period of time. In fact, the Globe and Mail says “This might be the most useful savings account in Canada”. This is just one reason why these are widely considered to be the top savings accounts in Canada.

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These accounts have full telephone, online, and mobile banking access, as well as access to more than 3,500 ABMs. Manulife Bank accounts also have the option of being linked to an external bank account of your choice.

Apply for a personal, non-registered, Canadian-dollar Advantage Account online now, and you’ll also receive:

  • A combined chequing and savings account to simplify everyday banking
  • A high rate of interest to help boost savings — higher than interest rates offered by other Canadian banks and credit unions
  • FREE unlimited everyday banking when the account balance is at least $1,000
  • Access to cash at more than 3,500 ABMs that make up THE EXCHANGE® Network across Canada
  • The option to easily link your Manulife Bank account to any other Canadian bank account

Applying for an account online is easy and convenient; the process will likely take you five minutes or less to complete.

Alternatively, I’m happy to discuss the Manulife Advantage Account with you personally and help you set up a new account to take advantage of this special offer, or you can apply online with the link below — the choice is yours.

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