Marty Stover has retired

Marty Stover Financial

Kingston, Ontario

Effective 2020, Marty (Martin) Stover has completely retired from the Financial Services industry.

Did you have policies or accounts with Marty Stover Financial?

While all your accounts and policies from all companies remain intact and secure, they are currently not attached to a licensed advisor.

In order to transition your accounts to a new advisor, please contact Steve Syrett at 613-540-0530, through the Canada Life website, or this contact form.

I am a Financial Planner working in the Kingston area and I specialize in Retirement Planning and Estate Planning. My office is in Kingston, Ontario, and I offer financial planning services across Ontario. I am happy to speak with anyone on the phone, or meet in person with anyone in the surrounding area. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, my office is currently not open to the public, but there is a secure mailbox outside my door if you need to drop off any documents.

I am contracted with Canada Life, Empire Life, Manulife Financial, Sun Life Financial, Forester’s Financial, IA Financial Group, and a number of other financial companies.

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