Many Canadians see owning a home as an important financial goal. That’s why London Life offers a variety of mortgage solutions.

Helping you finance a home

Buying a home is stressful, whether it’s your first house or a lakefront cottage. Because few Canadians have the cash to purchase a home outright, many will look to acquire a mortgage. This represents a significant investment, so it’s crucial that you’re fully informed and prepared for this major step in life.

I can show you how a mortgage fits into your financial security plan. I work closely with a London Life credit planning consultant who can help provide you with the mortgage solution that’s right for you.

Having competitive rates is only part of the advantage. Flexible payment and term options can shorten your repayment schedule by several years. London Life structures their mortgages in a way that can actually help you get your mortgage paid off sooner. This will allow you to concentrate on your retirement planning sooner than you would with a traditional mortgage.

Which is better: Life Insurance or Mortgage insurance?

Probably the most basic difference between a life insurance policy that you own and “creditor protection” or “mortgage insurance” is that you get to decide who benefits in the event that you pass away — your family or your financial institution. Click here for a quick video on the subject.

For more information about how London Life’s mortgage solutions can help you pay down your mortgage sooner than you realize, contact me.

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